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water bottle price in kerala

At present, the price of bottled drinking water is Rs 20 per litre in Kerala.

Kerala has set another high standard in the field of public welfare as the Pinarayi Vijayan government has decided to cap the price of bottled drinking water at a maximum of Rs 13 according to a report by the Manorama. The decision has been taken by the LDF-led government in order to facilitate quality drinking water for every individual in the god’s own country. At present, the price of bottled drinking water is Rs 20 per litre. The government has also mandated the need for water bottle companies to uphold qualities laid out by the Bureau of Indian Standards. The government has brought the price down by bringing the matter under the jurisdiction of the Essential Commodities Act. Kerala Minister for Food and Supplies P Thilothaman said that the amendment will come into effect with issuance of notification from the state secretariat

Showing their defiance against the government’s action, water bottle companies had demanded the price to be fixed at Rs 15 minimum. P Thilothaman intervened by holding a meeting with the water bottle manufacturers to address their concerns The decision has been taken keeping in mind the rampant illegal water suppliers in Kerala. The amendments will force the illegal vendors or suppliers to either come up terms with the prescribed quality shut shop. Kerala houses more than 200 water refineries through the state but the volume of illegal suppliers aren’t too less either

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The state government has been making efforts to curb supplies of water bottles with sub-standard quality for a very long period of time. The government had constituted a panel in December 2018, headed by Civil Supplies Director which also included officials from Law, industries, finances, water resources, health departments and law officers of BIS.

Kerala and the bitter history of contaminated water go back to three decades when the world’s leading beverage company CocaCola had put in its bottling plant in Plachimada village. The adverse effects of that plant led to drying up of the groundwater in the village leading to widespread sentiments against the industrial wastes damaging the natural resources.