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It's officially holiday shopping crunch time. There are only five days left to get packages underneath the tree by Christmas, but thankfully there's also two-day shipping, and that math works out in every procrastinator's favor. Target is enabling late-stage shopping habits with free two-day shipping for select items guaranteed to arrive by December 24. All you need to do is look for presents with the cute Target truck and Christmas tree icon and order them online by 11:55 P.M. CST Thursday, December 20 (that's 12:55 A.M. EST Friday, December 21).

To help narrow down the options, we've combed through the fitness items that qualify to highlight the best deals, cutest gifts, and actually useful presents—all of which are guaranteed to arrive on your doorstep by Christmas Eve. To all the procrastinators out there, we wish you speedy shopping and happy holidays!

1. c9 Champion Women's Studio High-Waisted Leggings 25" in Floral

You can never go wrong with a new pair of workout leggings, but what makes this pair gift-worthy is the floral print. They're just funky enough to be festive, but not so much that your gym buddy won't actually want to wear them to barre class.

Buy it: $28,

2. Misfit Ray


This activity tracker monitors steps, distances, sleep patterns, and more. Snag it for the friend who resolved to join the wearables movement in 2019, especially if they've ever uttered the phrase "rose gold everything."

Buy it: $100,

3. Tone It Up 8-Pound Kettlebell

Online ordering was made for those of us who would much rather ship a heavy kettlebell than lug one home. This aquamarine version from the Instagram-famous Tone It Up trainers is a cute addition to any home gym.

Buy it: $25,

4. Manduka Welcome Mat Carrier

Make life easier for the yogi in your life with this carrying case, which fits all standard-size mats. Take it from us: An easy-to-use mat bag is a game changer, and your friend will thank you every time they haul to class.

Buy it: $26,

5. Harry Potter S'ip by S'well 15-ounce Stainless Steel Hogwarts Water Bottle

We all know at least one person who loses their minds over Harry Potter-themed anything, and this Hogwarts crest water bottle will keep a friend hydrated here in the Muggle world. There are plenty of other S'ip by S'well patterns to choose from, but there's something magical about this version.

Buy it: $20,

6. Fruit of the Loom Women's Athletic Socks

It's true, socks are a boring gift. But it's also true that we always need more. Make a runner's feet a little happier with a pack of fresh socks to kick off the new year.

Buy it: $6,

7. Ignite by SPRI Weighted Jump Rope

We've spent all year singing the praises of jumping rope as a workout. This weighted version amps up the already-challenging exercise. Perfect for a fitness lover who travels a lot and isn't afraid of a little cardio.

Buy it: $15,